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Welcome to OverNite Software Europe!

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This website and all of the offered products and services are, unless stated otherwise, offered by OverNite Software Europe BV (OSE), located at Transportlaan 93, 6163 CX Geleen, The Netherlands. OSE is registered at the chamber of commerce under number 14054955.

Documents that apply to the use of our applications and websites:

We respect the (intellectual property) rights of third parties, and ask the same from users of the internet services and websites of OSE.

On this website images and logos are published of which OSE does not have any right, nor does it want to arouse the suspicion that it has these rights.

These include the photo’s mentioned below and the logos of clients.

The web locations of all the photographs used on this website are listed below. The name of the publisher is listed after the location.

When you feel that your rights have been infringed we would like to ask you to supply us with the following information:

You can send that information to:

OverNite Software Europe BV
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6163 CX Geleen
The Netherlands

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