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Better Learning

Create interactive e-learning material to ensure that knowledge is transfered better.

The EduBuilder enables you to independently make e-learning materiaal like courses, instructions and manuals.

With a simple text editor (HTML wysiwyg) you can create e-learning material in a similar manner as you create a text document.

With the help of the EduBuilder you can make instructions which are more visual and clearer.

By making instructions and courses available via the EduBuilder it is possible to access them 24 hours a day. This gives everybody the freedom to study his e-learning material when it is best suited.
Using the EduBuilder you can make learning easy, transfer knowledge, remember it better, make learning more fun and interactive

Better Tests

Add questions to your instructions and courses to test the knowledge.

With the EduBuilder you can add questions and exams to all your e-learning material.

You can also determine for each questions whether you would like to give feedback immediatly after answering.

This makes it possible to force people to give the right answer and also give response to any given solution. More knowledge will be remembered this way.

Choose from various question types:
• Open questions
• Multiple choice (1 correct answer)
• Multiple choice (multiple correct answers)
• Selectbox
• Date field
• Drag and drop (correct order)
• Drag and drop (picture)
• Point and click (picture)
Testing knowledge by using the EduBuilder is better, clearer, more interactive and simpler

Better Use

Give respondents feedback that is tailored the the answers they have given.

The benefit of e-learning is that it can contain many visual aspects to ensure the message comes across. With the EduBuilder you can add many types of media to your e-learning material, like photo’s, video’s, audio and flash. This way you can enrich and clarify your documentation.

The EduBuilder gives you the possibility to determine the design yourself and adapt it to your own wishes or the design of your organisation. This is possible with the use of an editor by choosing colours and fonts, but also via stylesheets (CSS). You can put all of your creativity in this.

It is possible to connect courses to your LMS (for example the Employability Manager) which allows you to give employees access to your courses.
Adding Multimedia to all your electronic learning material makes it more interactive, clearer and better

Technical Stuff

We try to make it as easy as possible for you.

Make your e-learning material opublicly available or only accessible via log-in.

Web-based, always and everywhere available for both developer and respondents.


Secure data storage, data is encrypted and protected by firewall.

Daily back-up of database.

SCORM compatible.

No limitations regarding the quantity of data.
We worry about the Technical things, ao you can focus on creating great e-learning modules

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