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The EduBuilder is an online software tool for creating and taking digital course material, instructions and other e-learning modules.

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Characteristics of the EduBuilder

EduBuilder elearning like work instructions, one-points lessons, computer based trainings, toolbox meeting made easy


Develop e-learning material simply and independently

EduBuilder create exams and test knowledge with various question types


Test knowledge with questions, exams and give feedback

EduBuilder Multimedia use visual and audio tools to enhance your e-learning material


Make use of photo’s, video’s, flash and more

EduBuilder Improve Knowledge and make changed more quickly available


Improve the knowledge of employees with interactive instructions

EduBuilder Layout, format and design can be set and adjusted to you own demands


Create the design yourself by using stylesheets (CSS) and editor

EduBuilder Simplicity in use, creating and taking e-learing instructions and one-point lessons is vert easy


Intuitive setup and easy to use

EduBuilder Safety storage of your instructions, e-learning material and tests


All your data is stored on secure servers

EduBuilder Robust, so always online and accessible


Always accessible and available from everywhere

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